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Business Mailing Address

Is there a minimum contract length for this service?
How will you forward my mail?
Can you accept parcels on my behalf?
I am not a UK business, can you still accept my mail?
What if my post gets lost after you have sent it on to me?
How is my mail stored at your premises?

Is there a minimum contract length for this service?

Yes. We offer a 12 month contract. No refunds are available as this service is paid for in advance.

How will you forward my mail?

You need to deposit with us a minimum of £10.00 credit to cover the Royal Mail postage costs. Your mail will be sent by first class post as standard and sent to you Friday of each week, or by the following Monday if Friday is a Bank Holiday. Standard postage mail can also be posted out to you on other days of the week upon your request by email giving 24 hours minimum notice.

Please note this is a basic mail forwarding service at one of the cheapest rates in the UK therefore, we cannot offer you a customised service such as checking what mail has come in, who from, opening envelopes, etc, etc. We simply take in your mail and forward it all on to you.

We can use recorded and special delivery if requested however your account must have sufficient credit for costs involved and you need to let us know by email only,  when you want this additional service. A £5 charge applies for taking this kind of mail to the Post office on any other day except our normal mailing day (see above). We will retain all cost and delivery receipts as proof of postage (for Special/Recorded Delivery or larger parcels).

Note: We do not offer a 'collect in person' option. All mail will be posted on to you.

Can you accept parcels on my behalf?

We can receive small ad hoc parcels being delivered to you but we cannot act as a receiver for goods returned by your customers or for goods sent by suppliers if it is stock or similar items.  We take no responsibility for the receipt, handling and storage of parcels of any value as we deal with business mail only. We therefore advise you have parcels delivered to an alternative address.

I am not a UK-based business, can you still accept my mail?

Yes, so long as you provide the necessary documentation.

What if my post gets lost after you have sent it on to me?

We will send your mail to you using the normal Post Office service. You must make any claims for undelivered or damaged post through the usual Royal Mail process.

Can I use the business mailing address service as a personal address?

No. This service is clearly advertised as a business mailing address service and as such may not be used for personal use. Account holders found to be abusing the service in any way, including using it for anything other than a business mailing address, will have their account terminated and no refund will be due. We will take steps to monitor and check incoming mail to ensure it is legitimate business mail. Our decision is final unless you can provide proof of the mail being sent via our address can be clearly identified as being wholly business related.

Note: We cannot be responsible for postal strikes, accidents, emergencies, disasters or acts of nature and other occurrences for the delays they may cause to receive your post.

Please note that our application contains our full Terms and Conditions of Service which you can review before proceeding. You are not committed to taking up the service until you decide to pay the invoice, which we will send to you once we have processed your application, and which is only approved once we receive your full payment. We reserve the right to refuse any application without further explanation.

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